A List of Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

If you are stuck in a boring rut of prepackaged “health” foods, or the same bland fish and spinach all the time, its time to try a list of healthy foods to lose weight and hopefully you find them new, interesting, and of course healthy.

Not all of these will be new to you most likely, but my hope is that you will be reminded of something you haven’t had in a while, or that you’ll be inspired to try. After all, healthy shouldn’t be boring!

Eat the Rainbow

A List of Healthy Foods to Lose WeightIn fact, the first “weird healthy food” I’m going to list isn’t a food at all, it’s a way to think about eating.

Eating healthfully should be fun and rewarding, not drudgery or a list of rules to follow.



One way to have fun with food is to try to “eat the rainbow.” “ROY G. BIV” is an acronym you may have learned in school as a way to remember the colors of the rainbow. Let’s review. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Here’s the really fun and neat thing. If you” eat the rainbow” and have ROY G. BIV on your plate, you will be eating healthfully. (Obviously, the only other rule is that you can’t use food coloring to get any of the colors, since that defeats the purpose of eating the rainbow.)

Having a colorful plate means that you get to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including some you may not have heard of before. The list below is in alphabetical order. Here’s wishing you a colorful and healthy eating experience!


It is a tropical fruit that combines the flavors of pineapple and banana. Unsurprisingly, it is also called a “custard apple” and it truly is delicious.

Dandelion Greens

My grandmother still makes them, but somehow this tart green has lost favor with my parents’ and my generations.

Traditionally eaten as a spring tonic to “clear the blood” as Grandma would say, dandelion greens are packed with vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, K C, and B2.

Interestingly, I have seen a similar combination sold online and have friends who use it for energy. They tell me it tastes terrible, though, so you are probably better off eating dandelion!


You can eat dandelion greens raw (they are bitter though, so be prepared for the flavor) or use them in an omelet like you would spinach or another vegetable.

Most commonly, though, folks will eat them sautéed or braised, usually with bacon bits for flavor (and probably to cut the bitterness. The Smithsonian published a nice article on the history of eating dandelions.

They include several recipes and additional ideas for how to eat dandelion greens. Other parts of the lowly dandelion are also edible, and if you have children, they will probably enjoy trying the flowers.

For the adults, you may prefer to wait a while and enjoy a sweet dandelion wine instead.

Dragon Fruit

You may be familiar with Dragon Fruit from its appearance in prepared fruity drinks. My favorite is the Bai™ brand.

However, don’t limit yourself to the processed and watered-down versions available in convenience stores.

The actual dragon fruit is easily spotted, with its distinctive horny outer shell. Simply cut it in half, scoop out the pulp, and enjoy!



Kiwanao Melon

The “Horned Melon” (as it’s sometimes called) looks so weird that it actually once made an appearance in Star Trek. The flavor is described as a blend of cucumber, lime, and banana.

This one I haven’t tried (yet!) so if you have, drop a comment down below and let me know what you thought!


When I did a Google search for this unique food, the first search result was for the Orthodox Church of America, and other hits on the first page included a link to the Organic Consumers Association and a site to track shipping in Argentina.

The food itself didn’t appear on the first page of results. And that’s too bad, because this South American tuber is a delicious alternative to regular white potatoes and yams.

Colorful and slightly tangier, the oca can be used wherever you would use potatoes, sweet potatoes, or yams. Your best chance at finding some is to find a farmer’s market that has other South American produce.

Here you can learn more about the oca (NOT the Orthodox Church form 😉) with links for several recipes.


A List of Healthy Foods to Lose WeightIt isn’t as colorful as most of the other foods on this list, but for me its always been a “weird food.” This combination of ground liver, fat, and seasoning has some intriguing health benefits.


Pate is high in Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, selenium and riboflavin, as well as essential minerals like copper and iron. Enjoy pate in moderation, with crackers and crudités.

Because of the high calorie and fat content, it’s easy to overeat on pate. Save this food for special occasions or serve yourself a small portion as part of a snack.

Pickled Ginger

This is a great way to get plenty of antioxidants, fiber, and anti-inflammatory goodies. You may have had pickled ginger without knowing. It’s the thin pink slices that come with your sushi, or the side.

Traditionally used for stomach discomfort and indigestion, ginger is also a powerful anti-inflammatory that can ease arthritis and other aches and pains.


If you like the flavor of cauliflower but bemoan the lack of color, grab some Romanesco. This odd fractal-like vegetable has all the mild flavor and deliciousness of cauliflower, with more color, interestingness, and bioflavonoids.

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It is also known as Roman cabbage and makes a great addition to your repertoire of vegetables.

Spaghetti Squash

It is something you’ve probably heard of. It’s a squash that can be cooked like spaghetti, and it makes a great substitute for pasta. Spaghetti squash is more than just a low-calories stand-in for the empty calories and high carb count of most pasta, its healthy for real.

This squash is high in fiber and contains up to ten percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, manganese, and vitamin B6. And unlike some of the more exotic options on this list, you should be able to find spaghetti squash at your local farmer’s market or veggie stand.


A List of Healthy Foods to Lose WeightIt is (pronounced KEEN-wah) is an ancient grain that is only now becoming more widely known in the United States. Quinoa has its origins in Chile, Peru, and Bolivia in the Andes Mountains among the Inca people.

Technically it isn’t a grain at all, it’s a seed, growing on a broad-leaved plant that gets to be six to nine feet tall.

The tiny seeds are chock-full of goodness—high in fiber, antioxidants, and nourishment. My favorite thing about quinoa is its versatility.

Boiled, roasted, or ground into flour, there are many ways to prepare this grain. You can add it to salads, throw it into your soup, or bake scrumptious bread or cookies.

I like to keep some in the cupboard and add it to pasta or rice just for some variety or throw a little into the cookie dough to add some extra crunch.

Enjoy Your Food!

Have fun eating the rainbow and trying out new foods. I’m sure this list of healthy foods to lose weight is missing some awesome foods I may have not tried yet. Let me know in the comments below or share your experience with some that you have tried.


  1. Eat the rainbow is a great idea to try and encourage diversity in eating. There are so many colorful fruits and veggies to choose from so we will never get bored. Fruit and veggies contain so many beneficial nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that we need to maintain a healthy body and mind every day, so why wouldn’t we choose them instead of the prepackaged and processed stuff that you can hardly call food!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for visiting. I am glad you liked the idea of eat the rainbow. You are correct fruits and vegetables have so much of what our bodies need. I think many opt for the prepacked just out of convenience.

      You are right in that these days you cannot called pre-packed food actually. So many preservatives and other things inside I would be very aware to eat anything that is pre-packed. I appreciate you providing so much value today on this topic. Hope to see you again soon. Be Well!

  2. I have tried both pickled ginger and quinoa. In my opinion, they are both a great addition to anyone’s diet. But I have never tried dandelion or oca. These two are something which I look forward to trying. Amazing all the healthy benefits food gives us.

    I love the theory behind eating the rainbow. My plate doesn’t nearly get color as it should, but I’m going to make more of an effort to make that happen.

    • Hi Jagi,

      Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your kind words. I am glad you have tried some of these but more importantly that I gave you some ideas of things you have not tried yet.

      Yes lets focus on trying to get your plate a little more colorful 🙂 Thanks for visiting and providing value to this topic today. Be Well!

  3. I LOVE this article. What fun ideas on how to eat the rainbow. I have eaten spaghetti squash. This is my go-to when cooking dishes that would typically have noodles since I do not like the taste of pasta.

    I also eat Quinoa often. I find the mild taste satisfying, and the health benefits are amazing. I have even sprinkled it over my oatmeal to add a little bit of a nutty flavor. Flaxseed is another grain that can be added to oatmeal that will boost its healthiness and add a little taste.

    Also, you can make tea from dandilons. I have never noticed a bitter taste, but then again, I add a teaspoon of honey.

    But I am more excited about the things I have not tried. Do you have any suggestions where these items might be found?

    Thank you for taking the time to inspire us to eat healthier and for giving us such fun suggestions. I can not wait to see what new tastes await me as I try to eat the rainbow.

    • Hi Dovey,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I hear a lot of people really enjoy spaghetti squash as well. I am glad that is one of your favorites and I mentioned it here.

      Great tip about making the tea. I appreciate that idea. I will put together some more ideas of suggestions for you. Thank you for stopping by and adding so much value to this topic. Hope to see you again soon. Be Well!

  4. Great post! I have been actively working on eating fresh, local fruit and veg that is in season where I live and I have never felt better! I know it is the fresh leafy greens that are making the most difference.

    I would love to try dandelion greens because I have read of the many health benefits. Unfortunately everyone sprays them around here. Thank you for the information!

    • Hi Irma,

      Thank you for visiting. I agree with you that eating fresh fruits and vegetables and even fish makes you feel so good and alive. Many people have no idea until they try it consistently.

      You are being very smart about your health and I am glad you expressed that here today. I appreciate the value you added to this topic. Hope to see you again soon. Be Well!

  5. Wow, this is a great article! I have been eating pickled ginger and quinoa but most of the other options I have never even heard about.

    Especially the kiwanao melon sounds very interesting. I have to try it if I can find it somewhere!

    • Hi Joonas,

      Thank you for visiting and your kind words. I am glad I was able to share some options you have not experienced before. I appreciate your input on this topic today and remember to Be Well!

  6. Eat the rainbow sounds interesting,I might make a rainbow salad for my lunch today;)
    A great article by the way,Loose weight can be with healthy way.

    • Hi Lena,

      Thank you for visiting. I am glad you enjoyed the eating the rainbow concept. It is something if done consistently can assist in keeping the pounds off as well as putting you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Have a great rest of your day and thanks for adding value to this topic today. Be Well!

  7. Eat the rainbow was the first sentence that attracted me to this article. This was very informative though. Thank you, Nate.

    • Hi Kim,

      Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your thoughts on this topic and I am glad you enjoyed my phrase “eat the rainbow”. I hope to see you back here again soon. Be Well!

  8. No doubt this is a great article. Thank you. But can we somehow add meat in the list? At-least in small quantity?

    • Hi,

      Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your question. I have another article planned that will expand on this list. I hope you visit again soon. Be Well!

  9. Cherimoya? 😮 Is this a real fruit? I did not hear about it before and I am sure a lot of other persons will also have the same response. Please share more details like where is this grown, origin, pictures etc… I hope you got my question.

    • Hi Dough,

      Thanks for visiting. Yes it is a real fruit and many think it is native to Columbia. I will send you some information on it today. Thanks for stopping by today with your question. Be Well!

  10. Found the word “Prepackaged” in the very first line of this page and I thought you will be discussing something about canned food as well. 😀 Can you please write on canned food also?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Lynda,

      Thank you for visiting. Yes I can definitely put that on my list of articles. I will capture your email address so that I ensure to let you know. Be Well!

  11. You are doing a really great job Sir. Helping everyone with your knowledge and properly answering to each and every questions. Thank you for all your efforts!

    • Hi Brian,

      Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your kind words. Our goal here to to provide healthy options. I hope to see you here again. Be Well!

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