Fun Ways to Lose Weight

Are you ready for some light-hearted humor, fun ways to lose weight tips, and useable information? Yeah, I thought so. Let’s go!

Laugh More

No kidding, laughter actually resets your brain, boosting mood, releasing hormones that make you feel good, and improving immune function.

Teach at Vacation Bible School or a Kids’ Summer Camp

No, seriously. You’ll get plenty of exercise, which is great for weight loss. You’ll also have fun and you’re guaranteed to laugh a lot, which boosts mood and increases production of several key neurotransmitters that affect emotional eating and appetite.

Just be sure to drink plenty of water and take rest breaks as needed, especially if you are outside in the sun.

Listen to Music While Exercising

A great playlist keeps a long run from getting boring, and the beat can help you keep a steady pace. And if rain is keeping you indoors, dancing to music is a great way to get moving indoors.

Here is my own favorite.

Work Out With a Friend

Anything is more fun when you do it with a buddy, and exercise is no exception. This could mean scheduling gym time with a friend, swimming as family, joining a bicycling group, playing softball with your church, dancing the night away, playing Frisbee in the park, or anything that combines physical activity and socialization.

As an extra bonus, when you work out with a friend you are more likely to keep your commitment to exercise and you’ll feel even better than usual because connecting with someone increases the level of feel-good endorphins in your brain.

Go Shopping at a Local Farmer’s Market

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and other REAL food is a proven strategy to lose weight and become healthier. To learn more about this, check out Michael Pollan, The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

Watch a Comedy Show While Drinking Water

This might sound weird, but there’s more than one thing going on here. First, there are the benefits of laughter. See tip #1, above.


Then there’s the benefits of drinking water, which hydrates every cell in your body, helps flush out toxins, encourages better metabolism, and reduces cravings.

Not to mention that thirst is often mistaken for hunger, which is why dehydrated people often snack when they aren’t really hungry. Go ahead, pop in a funny movie and grab the water!

Give Yourself Some Treats

Let’s face it, all-or-nothing diets, crash diets, ridiculous calorie restrictions, and other forms of deprivation simply aren’t sustainable. When you try to do without ANY treats, that become all you can think about, and after a while, you will fail.

And when you fail, it’s likely to be a drastic, binge-type fail. Instead, a much better strategy is to schedule some treats.


Yes, you heard that right. Donuts, bread, ice cream, even candy, can be part of a healthy and sustainable diet.

The trick is to make it a rare occasion rather than an everyday habit, and to really savor every bite. A good friend who has, to date, lost more than a hundred pounds, says that the trick is to remember that most of the pleasure from eating a treat comes from the first and last bite.

Knowing that, you want the first and the last bite to be as close together as possible; and eating only a quarter of the slice of cake seems like a pleasurable thing to do!

Drink Coffee

Just make sure its black coffee, so you aren’t getting extra calories to offset the energy and metabolism boost. 😉 Black coffee can increase your metabolism by an impressive ten percent or so, which means burning off weight a bit faster than you would without the coffee.

In addition, coffee is rich in antioxidants, so your immune system gets a boost too. Finally, drinking coffee helps fill you up and reduces cravings, so you end up eating less too.

Do make sure to be drinking plenty of water, because coffee is a natural diuretic (coffee bladder, anyone?!). A good rule of thumb is to drink an extra glass of water for every cup of coffee you drink, and to aim for no more than 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day.

Add Some Spice To Your Menu

Fun Ways to Lose WeightStudies show that capsaicin and capsiate, which are the active compounds in hot and non-hot peppers, respectively, moderately improves fat burning capacity.

So go ahead, spice it up! Even if you don’t like hot foods, simply adding some sweet peppers can have the same fat-burning effect, which is good news for the heat-challenged among us.

Go For An Evening of Dancing with Family Or Friends

Dancing provides a cardio workout and social connection, and both are key for getting and staying healthy.

The benefits extend far beyond weight loss, and include improved mood, a stronger immune system, and a better social support network. Zumba combines dance moves and a cardio workout, and many gyms offer it in varying levels of intensity.

Brush Your Teeth After Meals

Fun Ways to Lose WeightAs wacky as this may sound, it works. Brushing your teeth after a meal can reduce calorie intake, because most people don’t like to eat right after brushing their teeth, and toothpaste can make foods taste odd.

As a bonus, brushing your teeth after eating helps prevent embarrassing social gaffes, such as holding an animated conversation and discovering afterward that you have spinach stuck between your teeth.

Take a Nap On Your Lunch Break (And Skip the Meal)

A twenty-minute power nap is the ideal length for boosting energy, alertness, and mood. Fasting for lunch is then an easy way to cut calories.

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(To make this work, eat a hearty breakfast with lots of protein, so that you don’t end up snacking away all the benefits.)

Take a Walk On Your Lunch Break

A brisk 20 to 30-minute walk every day will meet or exceed the recommended 150 minutes of vigorous activity per week. In addition to moderate weight loss, exercise reduces appetite, controls cravings, boosts mood, and increases your metabolism.

Don’t eat your lunch while walking, though, since eating standing up interferes with digestion. Instead, sit down and eat after you get back from your walk.

Eat the Rainbow

Fun Ways to Lose WeightOn your plate, that is. A colorful plate with lots of different fruits and vegetables is rich in antioxidants and fiber and will promote general health and weight loss.

Don’t get stuck in a boring rut of eating the same few vegetables. For me, that’s carrots and spinach—good choices, but if I only eat those, I’m missing out on so much more!

Try things like purple cabbage, orange peppers, yellow carrots, sweet potatoes, black rice, radishes, yellow sweet corn (on the cob!), and other brilliantly colored fruits, vegetable, and whole grains.

Eating the rainbow makes food fun, and if you have children, they are more likely to want to try different foods when you model variety and enjoyment. Check out my weird foods article here

There you have a generous baker’s dozen of fun and healthy ways to lose weight.

Because healthy should be fun, and healthy should be a lifestyle instead of a quick fix. What are your ideas of some fun ways to lose weight that you think have made your lifestyle healthier? Share your tips and inspiration below.


  1. WOW! These are simple and common things we do every day of our lives but we have never imagined they could have such a great impact on our health. Your post is very straight forward and right on point. I enjoy getting to know how simple things like these can be very important to the health. Especially when it comes to losing weight, most of us focus more on high profile tips when we can actually start with the little things that are adding up on our weight, and then start building up from there. Our eating habit has always been the stepping stone of excess weight, and if we want to lose weight, it has to start from there too.
    This is a very important post. I am sure it will go a long way to help a lot of people out there.
    Thank you for this post, keep up the good work.

    • Hello Yenge,

      Thank you for visiting. I am glad I was able to provide you with some ideas for fun ways to lose weight. You are right, sometimes we focus on the big things when it comes to losing weight instead of little things we can do right now.

      It is much easier to take small steps towards our goal I think and that is what I like to focus on. Thank you for your kind words and for adding so much value to this topic today. Be Well!

  2. Great article. My husband and I take long walks every AM with our dog. We love to be outside in the summer months. Gardening is also another great way of burning off calories, strengthening and toning your muscles. It’s hard work sometimes but definitely rewarding.

    • Hi Anne,

      Thank you for visiting. Taking long walks together is great to do in so many ways. Yes gardening is a great one that many people take advantage of. I am glad you have chosen that activity. Thanks for stopping by today and adding value to this topic. Hope to see you again soon. Be Well!

  3. Wow! So much in just one easy-to-read article! I know I don’t drink enough water, and I drink too much Diet Dr. Pepper. Also, juice is a fun part of my daily routine. I’m an introvert, so my excersize is the treadmill, which I don’t use enough.
    I always thought you were supposed to walk after a meal, that it aids with digestion. Not a power walk, but an easy stroll.
    Thank you for the advice – great job!

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for visiting and I surely appreciate your kind remarks. I am glad you enjoyed the information. Yes I would encourage you to drink as much water as you can and always try to avoid “any” soft drinks whatsoever 🙂

      I appreciate the value you added to this topic today and I hope to see you again soon. Be Well!

  4. Hey Nate,
    I agree with you about some of the fun ways to lose weight.
    I found Michael Pollans, The Omnivore Dilemma eye-opening and a great resource.
    But why treats? – These are simple chains of fructose, glucose and chemicals. Both the liver and insulin use the lipogenesis process to store treats as fat.
    I agree being healthy ought to be fun. Will you let us know that weight-loss diets need blood sugar and fructose balancing vital essential fat and protein added?

    • Hi RJ,

      Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your kind words. I am glad you like the Omnivore Dilemma. It is quite interesting. I will be writing an article on that topic soon. Thanks for the value you added today. Be Well!

  5. Lovely article, I am the type that embarks on a walk, but not up to the stated time in this article I will now try to follow the guide in this article as means to lose weight. Thanks for this great post.

    • Hi Jane,

      Thank you for visiting. You are moving in the right direction. Glad to see you are walking. Don’t worry so much about how long you walk because you can build up to that. I am thankful you got something from this article today. Hope to see you again soon. Be Well!

  6. A true one of the fun ways to lose weight is sobriety for lunch, this is work for my Aunt which was diagnosed for weight gain.

    • Hi Angela,

      Thank you for visiting. I am glad you found these tips useful and fun. Happy to see your Aunt moving in the right direction. Be sure to show her this article. Thanks for your value added to this topic today. Be Well!

  7. Wow!!! It has never occurred to me that brushing of the teeth after a meal is one of the means of losing weight this will I now make as my daily routine to watch my diet. Thanks, you very much for the good work.

    • Hi Lauren,

      Thank you for visiting. There are many fun ways to losing weight and I am glad you found some here that were useful to you. I appreciate you stopping by and giving your thoughts today. Be Well!

  8. Yeah, one of the best ways to lose weight is drinking of a glass of water to satisfy your thirst and avoid taking of alcohol as this affect body metabolism.

    • Hi Barclay,

      Thank you for visiting. Water is something that many do not get enough of. Hydration is important and also plays a role in our weight and other health factors. Alcohol is surely not something you want a lot of in your body. I am glad you found this information useful. I appreciate the value you added today. Be Well!

  9. Hmmm controlling your environment by squatting your kitchen with enough healthy options is also a fun way to lose weight, but now I will focus more on fresh fruits and vegetable. Thanks very much.

    • Hi Billy,

      I am glad you enjoyed the article. You cannot go wrong with fresh fruits and vegetables. It put a smile on my face that you mentioned those options. Hope to see you again here and thanks for your input on this topic.

  10. Wow, I will take more emphasis on the amount of my water intake, in other to get rid of my body toxins, for metabolism stimulation and finally for me to lose weight.

    • Hi Viatna,

      Water intake is vital. Water does so much for our bodies and research has proven this time and time again. I urge you to drink more water. Thanks for stopping by today and providing your viewpoint on this topic. Be Well!

  11. Great article, I have always been told and have read that drinking coffee is dangerous to health and it should be avoided in totally, but with this article have been able to see some importance of coffee

    • Hi Randy,

      Thank you for visiting. Yes coffee in moderation is totally fine. I have heard that as well but research has proven that to not be true. I am glad you got value from this today. I hope to see you again soon. Be Well!

  12. Wahoo, I have been looking forward to how to lose weight and I thank God I found this great post; I believe it will help.

    • Hi Ella,

      Thank you for visiting. I am glad you found this information useful. These are definitely fun ways to lose weight. Hope to see you visit here again. Be Well!

  13. Hey Nate,
    Losing weight has been a major problem for people all around the world and I think this article has been able to profound a suitable solution.

    • Hi Johnny,

      Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your kind words and you are so correct in that losing weight is not easy and many suffer from it. I appreciate your input on this topic today. Be Well!

  14. I have taken time to go through this article and I have a question to ask, can I also take a walk after my dinner? Since I will also love to reduce my stomach fat.

    • Hi Thomas,

      Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your question and yes you surely can take a walk after dinner. It seems like you are moving in the right direction in hopes of losing weight. I hope to see you visit again soon. Be Well!

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