Online Lab Testing

Online Lab Testing

The world has become a global village where virtually every basic need of mankind can be assessed without one having to leave the comfort of their home.

People do a lot of things online these days. The internet and technology have made a lot of things very accessible to us and that is why the routine lab testing that we usually have to travel to in order to even make an appointment can now be ordered conveniently online.


Yes some years back online lab testing was not a thing, but now it is a very important way of maintaining good health for millions of Americans, some who do not have insurance.

It is a very convenient and a financially viable way to maintain good health without the cost of going to see a medical doctor first. All you have to do after ordering is visit one of the thousands of certified Quest Diagnostic Labs in our Network to have your tests performed by a medical provider.

The process is very simple. You search the database of our over 450 lab tests and then you pay online. A Lab Testing API Health Provider will sign your lab order and you will then be assigned your own medical portal where you can access your lab order, results, and other vital information.

Lab Testing API even has an appointment system connected to the the Quest Diagnostics Lab so that its a one stop shop. It is a totally convenient and quick way to order tests, make an appointment, and receive results all from the comfort of your home.

After the test, the sweet catch about online lab tests is that sometimes even before you get home, depending on how long it took you to get home, your lab results are already waiting for you in your private medical portal that Lab Testing API provided to you.

In your dashboard, complex tests can take a couple of days before it is delivered to you electronically but just be sure that the results come in the shortest possible time.

When you receive your results they can be shared with your Health Provider via Lab Testing API software or you can forward them to your Health Provider yourself for interpretation and recommendations.

With online lab testing, you can access same-day STD testing and even same-day HIV testing with minimal stress ever. This will help you make better decisions concerning your health and lifestyle. It is just that easy.

Benefits of Using Lab Testing API

Online Lab TestingLost time cannot be regained and that is why Lab testing API has streamlined their services to cater to your vital health demands as quickly as possible.

The health information you receive is reliable, efficient, and professional. They are carried out by health professionals and in most cases, you get your results on the same day or the day following your test.


You can expect to promptly receive an email to let you know your results are ready and accessible via your private medical portal.

With the aim of not to completely remove the need to perform routine consultation with a physical doctor, but to relieve some of their duties, Lab testing API affords you the opportunity to:

  • Detect Diseases On-time: Because some diseases can live in a human beings body for a long time without developing any visible symptoms, early detection through testing is the sure way to go so that these diseases can be identified and the severity of their symptoms can be averted. Generally, when diseases are detected and diagnosed early, they become easier to treat and the chances of recovery are higher.
  • Remain Healthy: Sometimes you may not be sick or under any dangerous health conditions, but through early and accessible testing which is made available by online lab testing, the doctor can study your organs and body system in order to give you vital information regarding your health which will afford you the opportunity to make an informed decision that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Have Peace of Mind: The conventional lab testing was used to establish a baseline to enable you to monitor and have a general idea of your health in the future. In my opinion this is why lab testing should be more accessible so that life-changing decisions and lifestyles can easily be monitored. When this is done, you no longer have to worry about your cholesterol level and sugar level as an example, because you are in constant and real-time knowledge of their status and that gives you an ocean-like peace of mind.
  • Correct Family Health Challenges: Because diseases are generally detected with little reaction time, health conditions that are passed down through the family line can be corrected and avoided much faster if online lab testing is being performed. Online lab testing coupled with a healthy lifestyle can render a corrective therapy to such conditions.
  • Save Money On Health Insurance: You can save money from insurance because Lab Testing API also takes credit card and paypal payments in order to provide numerous payment options to include HSA’s.
  • Be Informed: There is no need for unnecessary surprises. If you are visiting a new doctor for the first time and you have a previous lab test in hand, it will afford you and the doctor a more in-depth discussion on important issues related to your health.
  • Maintain Absolute Privacy: Privacy and the ability to keep a patient’s record discreet is an important feature of a health facility. At Lab Testing API they strictly adhere to HIPAA laws. You will have your own private password protected medical portal and your information is never disclosed or compromised.
  • Maintain a Healthy Health Profile: Maintaining a healthy health profile is very important and should be maintained by performing periodic testing as suggested by your Health Professional. Lab Testing API offers those tests at a hugely discounted rate because they know how ridiculously expensive medical care can be. Do not let cost interfere with the possibility of early detection through an online lab test.

Why Lab Testing API

Lab testing API has acquired the technology and expertise that is needed to render superior online lab testing to their clients. Their platform also renders professional health advice and information that will help you take control of your health.

The system is robust and complies with all the guidelines and rules of performing health-related tests. Check out their customer reviews and you will see the level of satisfaction that their customers have testified to.

Lab testing API also offers up to 80% discount on lab tests and has more than 2,200 testing locations nationwide, which is what I call localized lab testing.

Lab testing and taking control of your health has never been this easy. You can enjoy the benefits of  same-day testing and also the services of a very responsive team of experts.

Take Charge of Your Health With Lab Testing API

Accessibility and convenience is the way of the millennials but fortunately Lab Testing API has the older generation in mind also. Lab Testing API has allowed everyone to take charge of his or her health while making it easy on the finances with direct access to blood work and online lab testing.

You cannot go wrong with this service. This is why in any given month hundreds of new customers rave about their experiences with Lab Testing API.

What are your thoughts about online lab testing? Have you tried this option or know anyone who has? Share your thoughts.


  1. Wow! So many benefits to this service! I hate having to wait to hear from the doc to get my results. And if I miss there call, we end up playing phone tag all day. This is a great idea. thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Billy,

      Thank you for visiting. I am glad you can see the benefits of online lab testing. It is really convenient and I have always had pleasant experiences myself. Thanks for providing your input on this topic and hope to see you again soon. Be Well!

  2. THANKS FOR WRITING an article on online lab testing. You have always been coming up with brilliant articles. I have gained a lot from your articles.

    • Hi Bianca,

      Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you continue to learn something new, which is the most important reason I blog about health and wellness. Be Well!

  3. This article is greatly educative, many diseases take a very long time to develop any visible symptoms, but with API lab testing, we can detect disease early.

    • Hi Collins,

      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your kind words. I am a huge advocate of online lab testing. These days it can be done without a referral from a Physician and Lab Testing API even has a mechanism in place so that after your results a Physician can interpret your results.

      Many do not have insurance also and this is a huge benefit for someone who just wants to pay via credit card, HSA or other means. I hope to see you visit again. Be Well!

  4. Online lab testing, this is interesting. A quick way to test once self, so easy and accurate. This will also reduce stress and help many to remain healthy.

    • Hi Kelly,

      I am glad you enjoyed this article and the concept of online lab testing. It has many advantages and many people are deciding on using this instead of the traditional idea of being tested in a doctor’s office. I have tried it and it works. I hope to see you here again soon. Be Well!

  5. think everyone should have this online test application on their phones to give us peace of mind over uncertain health issues that are bothering our health.

    • Hi Mona,

      Thanks for stopping by today. Online lab testing is the way of the future. Many want to take care of their health but also do it in a more private manner. I appreciate your thoughts on this topic. Hope to see you again here soon. Be Well!

  6. Nate, kudos to you. I love this API lab testing because of its stress-free nature and also because of its absolute privacy, knowing that my medical reports are secure is exciting.

    • Hi Diana,

      Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your kind words. Yes online lab testing is definitely stress free. It is a very private and secure way of undergoing blood tests and many are moving towards this idea. Thanks for your input on this topic and I hope to see you soon. Be Well!

    • The accuracy of lab testing API is a plus. Many tests at the hospital sometimes even fail and even takes a long time to get results, now, knowing that an online test is perfectly accurate is great.

      • Hi Mary,

        Thank you for visiting. Yes Lab Testing API is definitely a plus for many people who have found them. I love how fast they can get results into your medical portal and especially the security features they have in place.

        I appreciate you visiting and providing your awesome input on this topic. Be Well!

  7. Lab testing API offering up to 80% discount on lab tests, this is a great thump up, this makes them really stand out and also their availability in more than 2,200 testing locations nationwide is so amazing of them

    • Hi Dan,

      Thank you for visiting. Yes I am astonished at times also of how great the discounts are with Lab Testing API. They continue to deliver quality service which is why I continue to get all of my Lab Testing done with them. Be Well!

  8. The accuracy of this online lab testing is what I really can’t believe because I have tried other online testing and they were not accurate, can you share the testimonies of those that have used it.

    • Hi Purity,

      Thank you for visiting. I will send you over some testimonials and there are also some I found on the website. They are doing a good job and people are pleased. Thanks for stopping by and asking your question today. Be Well!

  9. Nate, your articles are always great and lovely. You always do well-educating people on how to come out from various health-related challenges that people face day to day.

    • Hi Bernard,

      I appreciate your support. Thanks for reading this article on online lab testing. I am passionate about it because Lab Testing API offers such a great service for a more than reasonable price. Be Well and visit again soon.

  10. I have now learned how I can be in charge of my health. Doing an online test and having the results immediately is awesome, not just having the result, but having accurate results. Thanks

    • Hi Bobby,

      Thank you for visiting. You surely have ways to take charge of your health. Online lab testing offers just that solution. I am glad you found this article useful. I hope you take advantage of an online lab test soon. Be Well!

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